Pause. Pat. You are loved!

One of my recent acquaintances happened to speak about her experience in Kashi. Of the many things she said, picture this scene – dead bodies are piled up and stashed in one corner waiting for their line of pyre, while new borns are cradled and named in the other end – that pretty much sums up our existence.

Though life has much more attached to it, and all of us end up discussing, dissecting, debating each phase of it – for once, I want all of us to take a break and give ourselves a pat in the back.

I seriously mean it. Go on. Do it now.

Nobody ever had things figured from day one.


Maybe you have bosses who yell unnecessarily, or you are going through a tough break up, lost a loved one, got fired from the job, family vendetta, tight deadlines, peer pressure, unrequited love, the-damn-thesis-is-not-getting-over syndrome, yada, yada…

We all know that it’s all about walking through the maze one step at a time, but sometimes we just FORGET.

We forget that its not a 3 hour happy ending Bollywood/Hollywood plot.

Its more like the 10 years FRIENDS sitcom, where from Episode 1 you know Ross and Rachel have this THING between them, but they will need another 10 years, 220 episodes, 2 marriages, 100 mini breakups, plus a baby to figure it out. You know – that’s life.


This is not one of those self help posts that people write about (if it does sound like one), but I wanted to put this one out.

When you laugh at Joey Tribbiani’s jokes next time, pause for a moment, you will know you are looking at Matt Le Blanc, who had just 11$ in his account before making it big. You could be a Matt or Joey now, and in any case, a career is always not that glossy, but those love and laughters are sure to give you a good enough ride. Try to have more of ’em in your life.

When you roll down your car window to take a breath of fresh air, and you see an old man in his 80s – his greyish temple sweating it all out –his rough hands hard at work, weaving the dry coconut leaves  into a basket. You will know – old age isn’t easy, so treat ‘em with love. Those toothless blessings are one of a kind. And most importantly cherish your strong knees, and pearly teeth. They might not be yours forever!

As for finding love, staying single, or groping between the two – well, its gonna be helleva ride in any case. What works for one, might not for another! Few of us are Chandlers, and we get lucky; while few of us screw it over and over like Ross; while few of us are Joeys – we just don’t see it. So what?!

Our courage, our queer laughter, our ability to stay awake as we listen to a late night friend’s rant, our random acts of kindness – all of these alone don’t make us ‘US’ – our idiosyncrasies, our fears, our failures, the quest for unknown – all of this – and much more make us ‘US’. Go. Celebrate. Live. Call a loved one. Drop by with some flowers. Spread your love, the hungry world needs it! And you know you need it too 🙂 that_s_life

Now that you have read until here – you also get an additional pat from me 😉

Love and more love.


9 thoughts on “Pause. Pat. You are loved!

  1. the most sensible post ever! and i have just read half of it… couldnt wait to tell u that… will finish the rest of the post


  2. Thinks l like this this the most from everything you have shared. It’s honest, simple, and straight to the point. Speaks the language of the heart 🙂


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