Dissecting the god debris!

It’s been 3 weeks of Puttaparthi life, and after donning multitude roles – running, baby sitting, cooking disasters, masterchef moments, hosting get-togethers, being fed, long walks to the nearby village, Sivrathtri, snoozes, and many more – I have tonnes of things to say – like the umbrella embarrassment I give my husband whenever we go out into the sun. But no – I can’t talk about any of that today.

After certain late night discussions, get-togethers and some mind wracking time in understanding the ways of the world, and the hand of God – I knew I had to write – to put in paper my beliefs, my questions, and the desire to dissect the ‘God Debris’ in the name of jnana marga – in between the everyday karma yoga, and few and far between bhakathi marga dates – for a devotee needs to understand what of the unfathomable can be fathomed, and what not to fiddle with our fastidious, finicky minds.


Topic 1 – everything is a reflection of what you think and perceive, and so the personal God quotient is no exception.

What people came at:

Very often – based on how you want certain thing or situation to turn out, you get your answers.

My thoughts:

I think otherwise.

God or cosmic energy goes only by higher ideal or by love, and it CANNOT be reflective of your ephemeral desires. Even f it does come to you as personal God and says yes – perhaps the prayer is in line with the higher way of living, or in the least, its inconsequential to the grand scheme of things.

So the act of assenting could either be out of love, or a leverage to pull you into higher radar of evolution.

He cannot tell you just what you want to hear.

Topic 2. Everything in the world is God, which makes the seeming disparity, a play of the mind – and so at the Super soul level, “the problems” are not ‘problems’

What people came at:

Ignore the play.

Example. A is a self-obsessed rebel and demands things from the world, while B is quite a selfless, flexible person – A gets what he wants and B either gets whats left, or the little that he desired.

What people came at:

Thats akin to a mother’s role – if a kid wants to be pampered – she will do just that… and if the other child is not fussy and accepts what comes by – it gets just that. From a mom’s perspective – she loves them equally, and she satiates them based on what they ask for.

My thoughts:

I think it shoves the whole karma theory out of the picture.

Ingesting Karma theory into my belief system was a hard pill in itself, considering we cannot sell past anonymities as causes of present deprecating consequences. However – you can still buy it.

And after I made peace with that theory, a new proposition waltzes in, in the name of a reflective world! Huh.

Like Gurucharan Das or Devdutt Pattnaik says – I get that Dharma is never definitive. It changes with the ways of the world. However, even as a theist, I can only call a spade. I do not know the thretha yuga dharma, but in terms of the dharma of the present world, Ram shouldn’t have let Sita do what she did. Similarly, A can be a rebellious child, and B can be a flexible, understanding child – but if I need to don the role of a mother, it would pain me to give more to A. It would pain me when I see a YouTube video of a BPL kid, who wants to buy a 5Rs balloon, and loses it in 2 minutes of buying it.

Karma Theory does not ease that pain, but it atleast says that at the end of every tunnel, there is light.

Now that we are all trying to define personal Gods – in my opinion – I cannot imagine that God would give more if you ask more – and leave the others rummaging the leftovers. Or that god would just remain a spectator of a reflective universe like how Rhonda says in ‘The Secret’. Or that god would just let Karma tally her way out of people’s life.

Its all true, I get that, but its not just that.

We are all Gods, I get that too. We are just journeying to discover that, and be that.

However – in the name of jnana marga, karma theory, power of thoughts, disparities and many more – lets not complicate Him to be anything more than love.

And to me He is definitely more than a mere reflective spectator. To finding Him in us!

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