Loving – a trial and error method!

C was asking me today why I haven’t written any blog post in a while. There is much to say, but so little time, and so little words at my disposal. ‘I want to’, I had said.

But writing is like photography, you know. One would think it brings everything to the fore, except that it doesn’t.

At least writing has its undue advantage: in photography, the license to refuse and hide lies with the object, to a writer, however, the licensable right vests with him. You could bare all, and in that nakedness of thought find true utterance; or you could feign them, and still manage a ticket to higher league.

I want to remain truthful though, and that brings me to – love.

There has always been only two things I have asked out of life, and one of it has been ‘love’. I have wanted to truly love, everything and everyone. I wanted to be a harbinger of that beautiful emotion. There are days I try, others I fail. There have also been days when I have tried rather wrongly, with my limited understanding of what love was. At other days, few people have been kind enough to tell me I have done a good job loving them.

Two years back, I had attempted, defining it.

Somehow, this four letter word still eludes me. Now, when I look back, I am not really happy with that post.  They are my favourite things, and of course I love them, like the Sound of Music song.

There is more to ‘love’ though, for sure.

Is it what we think it is – loving everything and everyone unconditionally? If so, how can we all get there? Would we ever get there, before we bid our final adieu?

Why is that so difficult an emotion, yet so easily feigned? Saying ‘I love you’ is nada, if we cannot make the other person ‘feel’ that inexplicable, intriguing, euphoric warmth.

Doesn’t the social networking seem superfluous at times, if not all times, taking us only further from truly loving each of our counterparts? I recently told a blogger friend that FB makes us ‘like’ everything in the click of a button that we fail to communicate with words sometimes.

Why do we have 400 friends on FB, while 4 of them on phone? What are we feigning? Why are we doing this? Is going away a solution, or being in it?

Why do we keep in touch, or why do we not?

I want to know. I want to love. I will hunt, until I find it.

Would you join too, in the hunt?

A hunt where no one bleeds, a hunt where nothing dies, or gets extinct, but instead grows and lives longer, a hunt where everyone appeases by giving rather than taking.

If I have to re-define love today – I will have to say:

Love is not only that something which pushes us out of irrational obstinacy, but also that something which pushes away the rational ones, if it would guarantee a happy heart; love is being there, and not just saying words; love is not just saying words, but meaning them; love is not about loving just what we like, or those less privileged, but loving those we don’t; love is most importantly feeling the feeling, than feigning it; love is truth; love is all; love is more… To not just love, but finding it, and being it!

Merry Christmas my fellow brethren!


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