Sathya Sai Baba’s birthday!

In C’s Thursday Live Show he had asked – What Swami’s birthday means to several devotees.

Questions like this, and “What Sai Baba means to us?” would either let us (followers of Baba) say a 1000 things, or none at all, for didn’t the hymns eventually came up to say: ‘Nethi! Nethi’ to describe that inexhaustible energy? Well, that could as well be my answer, but I thought this was an interesting question to ponder upon.

And my take: Even if most other days get squished into the dreary desert sand of dead habit, at least this day, I get to give Him back something –

“…for all the love and learning; for the benignly bestowed bliss; for the troublesome tortuous tests, and His bounteous grace that follows; for the bright beautiful world He has created for me: to fly and to flutter, to flunk and to falter, to love, live and laugh, to wither my vices wisely, to hope in the dusk for a dawn, to pray and to part, only so that I don’t ever have to part again, to be full in the seeming incompleteness, only to be engulfed in the ethereal eternity, to be more Him, to be less me, and just to ‘be’…”

For all this and much more, I would, my dearest Swami, pamper you…  For aren’t you the sweetest lord!

Love always, SB.



10 thoughts on “Sathya Sai Baba’s birthday!

  1. Thanks you guys! ❤

    Rayba: Well, a girl can try 😉

    Nandhu: I know man, I was telling D not to forget Swami in between all of her romantic hoopla… ha ha… she is gonu kill me now 😀

    Gore: Whatever 😛


  2. How true suls….Though I like all the gala behind his birthday. .it always leave me contemplating on the fact that every single day that passes by is in true sense his birthday.May swami bless us to understand the real aspect of these celebrations..


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