The ‘Parkadal’ cruise

If I ever run out of the sweet little things in my life, I know where to come to get my share of sweetness!

Saturday (09:00 hours)

It was one of those exciting days for Pari, as she was heading towards her friend Krishna’s place. Kay, as she fondly calls, was quite the lazy head in the morning hours, or so she thought, and decided to drop by the dwaram; otherwise this time again they wouldn’t be able to spend a day together.

As she pedaled her way to Kay’s eternal abode, Pari couldn’t stop smiling. It was her first time to her dear Kahna’s place, but as expected His golden chambers were still shut.

“Duuuude! Its 09:00’o clock! Don’t tell me you are still reclining in that adisesh bed of yours”, she mumbled within. Just then, Jayar & Vijayar, Kay’s eternal door-keepers, entered the scene and addressed her: “So, you must be Pari?” 

“Ye..yyesss!” stammered Pari, feeling a little out-of-place.

“Looks like ‘Kay’ heard your sarcastic whispers, and is calling you indoors” mocked Jai, as he opened the Vaikunta dwaram.

Pari turned red with embarrassment, and blurted out, “Oops!”, but quickly recouped, and said, “I mean, thanks.”

“Please Pari, feel free” beckoned Vijay with a smile.

No sooner she stepped inside Kay’s royal suite, Pari exclaimed, “Wooooah! My good lord, have mercy.”

“Why is there a tone of exclamation, young lady?” interrogated Kay, harboring a divine smile within, as He heard her ludicrous screechy voice from the entrance.

“Helloooo! Have you ever had time to look at your room?” chirped Pari with raised eyebrows. “I always felt creepy when I thought yours was a puddle of water. Erm… Sorry! I didn’t mean to say ‘puddle’, but dude, this is way cooler than I ever imagined. I mean… I love it!” said an astonished Pari, fully overwhelmed, as this was her first time in the dwaram.

“Why? Was your imagination that bad?” retorted Kay with a chuckle.

“Oh come on! Who would have thought there would be dolphins in your parkadal, and that they would actually serve your visitors with some cold cola?” whooped Pari trying to control her excitement.

“Duh! That’s not cola, it’s Amrit!”winked Kay.

“Are you making fun of me?” whispered Pari unable to read Kay’s naughty expressions.

“Jeez… Why would I? I am totally serious” said Kay in His mellifluous voice.

“In that case, I could make use of an eternal living, thank you very much!” giggled Pari while trying to sneak around.

As she walked around the suite, her heart tingled with the pleasure of it all.

“I was just wondering if you were gona show me around your place, I have come all the way you know” said Pari unable to hush up the sheer thrill.

“Of course, but gimme a minute, I gotta change!” said Kay, and left the Parkadal suite.

Pari, impatient being her middle name, could not contain her thoughts, and said to herself, “What were you doing all this while? Taking care of the world?”, as she had to wait until He was ready.

“Obviously! What did you think?” reacted Kay from across the aisle.

Feeling sheepish, Pari mumbled, “Jeez, why do I keep forgetting He can actually hear my thoughts?”

Kay stole a look from Pari, only to intercede her thoughts yet again, and smiled.

“Please Kay. I am trying to have a personal conversation here, don’t eavesdrop!”, said Pari, feeling absolutely pointless, and decided to stop thinking.

Kay continued to chuckle, and she whispered, “Argh! That one smile of yours and am totally flat. Why do you do this to me?”

Kay nonchalantly walked off with an air that He alone was capable of; while Pari was totally lost seeing Him move here and there.

“Sigh! I adore you man. Totally! That curly hair, those playful eyes, the mesmerizing smile, your macho self, and one helleva heavenly complexion… Oooola!”

“You don’t even have to flaunt about it you know. There are already billions drooling over you! Jeez, wait a second! Is this what your parkadal is made of? Don’t tell me! I mea…”

Just as Pari was going headlong in her dream world, Krishna walked over to her, smacked her lovingly in the head, and said, “Pari, would you stop with that clumsy thought process of yours? You are ridiculous, mind you! Especially that drooling part; Adi wouldn’t let you out then, got me?”

“Oh really? I would just love that. Will he seriously not let me out, Madhava?” said a jubilant Pari, unmindful of Kay’s remarks.

“You are crazy. Do you know that Pari?” asked Kay with a raised eyebrow.

“About you? Yes! And I am totally lovin’ it!”

“That’s my little rotten gal, Adi” said Kay with a mischievous grin.

Adi joined the duo in the parkadal suite, while Kay was addressing Pari: “By the way, I was reading that letter of yours which you wrote to me a while back.” Said Kay trying to suppress His humor.

“Letter? Which letter Kahniaya?” asked Pari, completely clueless.

“You hardly write one or two and you don’t remember that? I read about a zillion a day, Missy!” chided Krishna for Pari’s indolence.

“Oops… Sorry! You asked me out of the blue, what am I to do?” replied Pari, making a puppy face.

“You still don’t remember, do you?” began Krishna, only to be stopped by Pari in between: “Kahnaiya… My letter count might be less when compared to what you receive, but you jolly well admit that I have written lots to you. Which one of those are you talking about?”

Resigning to Pari’s words, “Okay, have it your way, the Apache one” said Krishna.

“Oh! That one” blushed Pari, her face turning pinker by the minute. In order to make it less conspicuous, Pari continued, “Yeah, what about it?”

However, Adi interrupted their conversation, and asked, “Which one Kahniaya?”

“Bro, I am talking to Kay right now. You have all of your life, don’t cut down my time” told Pari getting a little impatient.

“Oh please sister! He has given a word, and so He jolly well be with me all His life… erm, I mean eternally!” smirked Adi, and continued the conversation, “Anyway, I just wanted to know which letter.”

Kay grinned at the tug of war, and said, “Here you go, Adi”, and handed a letter.

“Remember, we read this out the other day, and beloved ‘L’ got totally jealous?”

“Uh! Well, am not able to recall, leme read it once again” said Adi with a smile dancing on his lips.

“Oh please… This is not fair!” whined Pari, but before she could continue, Adi ‘sush’ed her while unfolding the letter that read:

My dear darling Krishna…

It’s been quite a time since I wrote anything for you.  Missed me, hanh?  I missed ya too, sweetheart!!!

So, how’s life in heaven? What are you up to these days?

Now that you have created everything, you have no new, thrilling, exciting job I suppose, but yeah… you gotta shower grace for our sustenance, right? That’s one hell of a job dude! I really pity you…

By the way, I was watching Krrish, the movie, last night, and I loved it you know… Every time they called out Krish or Krishna, I thought only of you.

Awww… Gimme a hug now, am missing you!

Well, I have heard people say, what’s in a name, but what do they know?! I love the specific permutation of these 7 letters and I would trade anything for this!

Speaking of trading: you know, I have been eyeing these Apache bikes for a while… They are too cool. Pardon me, not cool, they are HOT!!!

What do you think?

Sigh… how I wish I was blessed enough to be able to paint? Cos then, I will surely paint a frame, wherein you are driving that bike, with a tag line that reads “Hot – Hotter – Hottest…”

Oops! Pardon me… I was kidding!

I will think of some other title, don’t you worry okay?

That reminds me, I also found a picture of yours while surfing net the other day. My!!! My!!! I love those abs, you are the macho man! Now, I will rate Hancock as only the 2nd best (hope you are fine with the deal).

Wah! I can imagine you well clad in the ‘pattu pitambaram’, riding the Apache on the highways, butterflies fluttering along, making way for the wind god, who is as eager to have Thy sparshan, just like as mortals, and then embracing you with so much love that Thy hair dances to the rhythm of his emotion… Wah!

And that bluish-black complexion  of yours… My! I am losing myself to the highest of heavens… What a sight Madhava!!!

Love you! Totally – madly – truly!  Waiting to see ya…

Much love,

Pari 🙂

As Adi read the last word of the letter,  he sniggered loud, cleared his throat, and said, “Ahem! Next time, of all, you, my dearest Pari, please don’t speak about drooling… okay?”

Pari was completely embarrassed at her letter, and wanted to divert the attention, and ended up muttering, “Kay, you said we were gonna go out, where did Apache, or this letter come here all of a sudden?”

Kay with one of His beaming smiles lighting up His effulgent face said, “You haven’t looked out still, have you?”

Mighty surprised at Kay’s tone, she stammered, “Ar.. are you saying…?”

Kay gestured to say, “Go have a look!”


Adi who had seen Pari’s surfing skills earlier in the day decided to drop her at the far end of the aisle, and Kay joined them.

All through the ride, Pari cherished the look on Kay’s face, though her heart kept thumping out loud.

As much as she loved the cruise, in and around the hallowed parkadal, she kina got a hint that something bigger was waiting outside, just for her.

What could it be?

As soon as she stepped down to reach the gate, she scampered outdoors, only to stand transfixed at what she saw. Lo and behold, her ever favorite Apache bike, dressed in black: something that she fancied and talked about so much, even with Kay.

“Oh my God! Apacheeeee!” screamed Pari, and turning to Kay, she said, “Merci beaucoup! Love ya Madhavaaaa!!!”, and embraced her Kahn with one tight hug.

“ You really are the sweetest. Thank you so very much! I don’t…” went on Pari completely overwhelmed. Kay, not wanting to let Pari finish the sentence, jumped on His bike, and said, “Hop on Missy, I am gonu show you a whole new world!”


…and the bike zoomed off!


9 thoughts on “The ‘Parkadal’ cruise

    • Priya, I wrote this piece in 2010. Pari and I are so similar, yet so different, but largely inspired by my own personal craze. This blog is a refined attempt to make my escapades more regular 😉


  1. An awesome thought process 🙂 absolutely love it.

    On a lighter note i wonder if the Ksheera samudram has become “Drool”samudram by all the visits made till now 😛


  2. Oh my Krishna, I mean, Oh my God.. Today, I came across your blog and landed up on this post somehow. It felt like looking in a mirror, dear.
    I love Swami, I love love Krishna.. I drool .. I have even told my husband, (who knows that he doesnt stand a chance against Krishna 🙂 – Swami is my love, beloved and everything ) that if our hearts are stolen by watching someone play the role of Krishna on TV, how would people have felt when they saw the real Krishna.. how enticing and charming he would have been 😀 aahh, miss him!
    And…my name is Pari (really!!! ) … And, I too write lots and lots of love letters to Swami.. And in my mind, the script goes exactly like what you have written.. He is with me, around me going about listening to my chattering.. sometimes, the form may change based on what my feelings may need, but essentially, it is still Him.

    Liked by 1 person

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