Of death: for we are one.

|| We are all one, and so the joy || We are all one, and so the pain ||

We were out this past Sunday, to buy relief supplies for Uttarakhand flood victims: a few of us friends wanted to do our bit to the world, and started this mini service group ‘ripple‘, a couple of years back.

This post however is not about ripple, but my friend.

It was quarter to four, when his mobile rang, and he mellowed down the ‘sooraj ki baahon mein‘ that was playing in his Honda Jazz. His sister had met with an accident, and later in the night I had received a message that she had succumbed to her wounds.

I woke up to this text on Monday morning, and this was all I have been thinking for the past 3 days.

Death, spiritually speaking, is never a loss, for it’s the soul’s time to ascend. However, the ones left behind HAVE TO FACE the morbid reality.

He is facing it right now, and I know I can do little to help him.


I don’t even know why I am writing about it, because I am not intending to go on with the details. IT happened. That’s all. Period… and this has changed things!

For now though, I think of him constantly, and the pain that must be sabotaging his lovely self. ‘I know Swami, I must be looking at it spiritually, but he is my best friend, and knowing he is hurt, I am hurt too.’

I look at a white car, and it takes me to him. I sit down to eat, and am wondering if he has eaten. I see my mobile, and I keep thinking what he is up to. I go down for tea, and he is not there to pop up, and say, ‘Man! I am hungry, order a juice for me.’ I swipe out of office, and he is not there to say, ‘So soon? I thought we could catch up today.’ I look at my shoes, and smile, because he hates it so much.

I miss him. I miss the misshapen look he gives, when he is tired. I miss his conky updates about his life. I miss his big brotherly talks. I miss everything about him that I have had in my two-year friendship with him.

More importantly, I miss his happiness.

I wanna see that again, in his face, and then I will know that his sister has come back to him, eternally! For isn’t love ever lasting?

4 thoughts on “Of death: for we are one.

  1. I’m so sorry Sulo. I hope your friend is well. I’ve been in a similar frame of mind. A friend’s mother passed away last month and I was so shocked. She was probably younger than my mother, I was so upset for many days. Death is so final.


  2. All that I can think of after reading this post is that you are lucky to be in real touch with friends to be able to feel their love, happiness and sadness and to be able respond in real. It is a blessing. I haven’t really spent time with friends in years and I can appreciate this more than you will understand.
    Also, I hope your friend has begun to move on. It has been a year since the accident. Time doesn’t heal wounds — they never heal — but a bearable blanket does cover them. A big hug!


    • Rightly said, priya. I doubt if he has really moved on. Like you say, there are certain things one can never get past. Hugs are really all that we can give.


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