24th April, 2013.

It’s that time of the year, when the sweltering Chennai summer is at its best, but today was different.

It had to be, its my master’s home-coming day!

It was 08.20 hours IST when I walked out of the house, and what accompanied me then was the pleasant morning air. I looked up at the sky, and smiled at the wondrous black hue that took me to Him. It was going to drizzle.

You are here Swami, I know, like you always are. You have not left, and you never will.

I got up today, thinking of Him, thinking of that day, thinking of the years I have spent under His fold. It’s been 2 years since I heard that news. That He is not there amidst us physically. It bothered me a lot back then.

Not anymore.

There is no pain of separation today, there is just the pain of not being able to truly love Him.

I love Him.

Yes. In my own simple way.

No. Strike that.

In my own complicated human way.., but He loves me more, and my life will be an attempt to offer Him the only thing He asks out of me, and of everyone: complete, sublime, selfless love – for one and all. To realize not only His divinity, but mine, and everybody else’s.

sathya sai maha samadhi


Avismridhis tva charanara vindhe Bhave bhave mesthu bhavath prasadath”

[Grant me the coveted boon, ye Master, lest I forget Thy divine lotus feet, in any of my births]

 To my Guru’s Maha Samadhi day!


PS. I leave you all with this beautiful poem titled ‘letter from a parent‘. Enjoy!

Would love to hear from you, dear reader :)

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