Re-visiting Anantapur – Part II

Coming from a Sai background, it’s only normal if Swami’s characteristics gets rubbed off on me, right? So yes, my delays are not my denials 😛 [Joking aside, 2011 was a difficult year for me. I couldn’t get around to writing part II of my visit, because I missed Him. It made it that much difficult. But all of us come a full circle, don’t we? So here is the continuation:]

One and a half years ago, 5 of us from the 2007 batch of Anantapur campus had a soul gratifying experience at our alma mater. I reverentially attempted to relive it back then, but part II of that joyous day stayed in my drafts for long. Today, I wish to finish the piece – nail it, plaster it, polish it, with a hope to appease your platter. [If you have come directly, you might want to know how it started. Do read part 1 of my post, to enjoy it in full.]


The plastering begins:

The 5 of us felt on top of the world, as we met with our teachers – Niranjan Ma’am, Raji Ma’am, Radha Ma’am and Suma Ma’am, and the current students. We felt the lovely bond that the place was (is) always known for.

After an intro catch-up, we couldn’t resist, but bring in the choco truffle. We made our darling teachers cut ’em, as the building roared with thunderous applause… for no reason except the sheer ecstasy of togetherness and gratitude. More smiles and laughter followed as we talked in the next few minutes.

Even as the cakes were being distributed, Raji Ma’am stole a short walk at our direction, and said, “You know children, you shouldn’t have written ‘love always – your girls’, it should have said ‘love always – your children’.”

“Aaaww! Sorry ma’am. We would make sure the next cake has the right wordings.” We mentally whispered to ourselves, and gave her a sheepish smile.

Just as we were melting in the warmth of the entree, we knew a lot more of seasoning and love awaited us in the main course and dessert. After all, it’s Anantapur that we are talking about!

in anantapur

We were asked to head back to the hostel for a special lunch, and we shared smiles and giggles like 17 year olds all over again, as we marched back to the hostel reliving our memories, lessons and experiences.

We so happily donned the teenager role, as the teachers walked with us, calling us ‘kiddos’ even now. Even the 10 minute walk felt C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E and A.W.E.S.O.M.E., as we spoke to them about anything/everything under the sun. It was just like the good ‘ol days.

Even as we were contemplating about dining hall and eating with the current students, a surprise was in store. The teachers had laid out a table for ‘us’ in the teacher’s dining room. All of us stole quick glances from each other, and grinned without end. Seriously, how sweet! It was literally a home coming. We marched to the counter to get ourselves served, but our dearest teachers didn’t allow that either. “Hey kiddos. Go grab your seat, we will serve you at the table.”

That was it. By that point, we felt swamped, engulfed, flabbergasted, amazed, bowled over completely, as if we never felt any such emotion ever before. But when you know that these are professors of such proficiency; whose dedication and selflessness is beyond description, you cannot escape these emotions. Their love for students new and old is just the same. Time, distance, number of years doesn’t matter to’em at all.

Each of them served us so lovingly, and only then did they sit to eat their lunch.


We had our hearts and tummies filled, marched back to commerce building, and had a Q&A session with the current students. Questions were asked on all and sundry, and a lot of wonderful experiences were shared.

Suma ma’am came to our rescue once when we needed explanation on a high funda philosophy. Who else, but the ‘God class’ guru would know the answer, right?

The evening soon came to an end. Before leaving the portals, we wanted to give those magical coffee mugs as a memory. Each of the 4 mugs had a beautiful picture of Swami, and as we poured hot water in ’em, the teachers were in for a surprise as they spotted Swami underneath the glass.

Their expressions were priceless, not only because of the pictures that appeared, but also each of them had a background story to each of those pictures. We didn’t decide who would get what picture, so we realised Swami’s prowess in permutation and combination. Surely, even seemingly insignificant things has a lesson of love in store. All of the teachers and the alumna were thrilled, as the stories came to light.

I don’t want to go into details for most part, as certain things are better felt at heart. But I would say this, that evening experience that 8 of us had in the staff room will always be special. His omniscience and love was the important take away.

The whole episode was such that we didn’t know if they loved us more, or if we loved them more, but one would agree it was Bhagwan’s love for all of us – teachers and students alike – that He ensured we had a terrific day.


Filled with soul stirring moments, experiences, laughter, nostalgia, gratitude, love, and all things wonderful, we journeyed to Parti…

My words to PM enroute,“Oh my god! We are unable to stop smiling. Can you be so overwhelmed by bliss? I mean, you are so happy that you don’t know what to do with the happiness. You feel His love from the bottom of your soul, or whatever inaccessible corner that lies within us. It’s like you are suffused with bliss from within and without – far and beyond – there is no beginning or end – it’s continuous– overflowing – and you are caught in the middle – and all you want to do is keep smiling. You feel so helplessly happy.”

“Man! I have never been so soulfully happy. Years might come by, but I know we will still cherish this moment of awareness, as we are engulfed by divinity. Wow! Is this what love feels like?”

With that, I bid my adieu.

PS. Looking for more euphoric Sai posts? Then, you might wanna read this – Happiest moments of my life 🙂 Tata.

2 thoughts on “Re-visiting Anantapur – Part II

  1. That was so lovely Suls! Its amazing how u remember each detail of that amazing day – but then , the day was such so it kinda figures:-)


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