Sathya Sai: the happiest moments of my life!

It was a cold winter afternoon; when the II year Additional English students were seated in the science building of SSSIHL, and an informal session with Paromita Ma’am guaranteed lots of take home lessons – one that we would reminisce with admiration, one that would help us in our introspection, one that would accelerate our levels of inspiration.

80th birthday celebrations of Bhagwan were just over, and the atmosphere was still ecstatic. It was then that she made an emphatic observation, “Let’s give it 5, 10 years or even 50 years down the line, but you would all still fondly remember the happenings of 80th bday like you did today, and nothing in the world would ever stand a chance against an electrifying ecstasy such as this.”

It’s been 7 years, 2 months and 17 days since that day, and I know she is right. 23rd November, 2005 is a day that I would remember until my last breath.

It was happiness: in and out, right from dawn to dusk. Everybody that I saw – stranger or friend, student or devotee, sevadals or line breakers, young or old, irrespective of race, region, religion, everybody was brimming with joy, even ever benign Mother Nature, I must say, for it was neither sizzling hot, nor pouring cats/dogs; it was drizzling, just the way poets and lovers would want a perfect day to be.

I was happy from the bottom of my heart, from the pit of my soul, every nook and corner of the body was excited to be alive – not only because I was breathing the same air as Him, or treading His soil, but because I shared that intrinsic delight with a million other devotees who had gathered in Prashanthi that holy November.

To know that you are happy is one thing, but to know that everyone is happy – man, I have never had an idyllic feel of such stature since then. Parthi is indeed a land of promises and wonders that which suffuses the soul with unbridled joy.

Coming from the centre of lovelessness, and a circle that nourished hatred and hypocrisy, I turned to Him for love, it was all that I asked out of Him, when I turned God ward, and He gave me that so munificently. If I erred, He still loved me, and in my joy, He smiled.

As I look back, the happiest moments of my life have always been the ones that had a shade of orange.

Every moment at Parti, every place at Parti, every word that reminds me of parti – be it the ice cream shop, or shanti vedika, the mozambi juice or ganesh gate, or even the dhobi annas in anantapur will make me smile, for they remind me of the love that I experienced.

Diwalis, pongals and such other tambrahm festivals come and go, and you let the days flip by, only to wait for days like akand, shivratri – and all the josh in the world comes to your door, sweeps you off your feet, and you see yourself settling in a sai centre, looking at His picture with a broad smile, whispering out to Him, “Now this feels like a festival. This feels like home.”

Yes, when I associate myself with Him, even the most boring words like ‘association’ takes a new meaning, and love blossoms in the most romantic of gardens, in my simple human heart.

When I think about Him, even a random Saturday morning, such as today, feels C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E. 🙂 To Him!

13 thoughts on “Sathya Sai: the happiest moments of my life!

  1. Even when I look back I wonder why does it make me feel happy, ecstatic, divine, a joy which cannot be replaced by anything or anybody – You told it right – Its that L.O.V.E that we received and shared 🙂 🙂 Cheers to Big B for all the wonderful memories

    Hey Sulo also remember that laser show and fireworks – we actually felt as though His L.O.V.E touched us


  2. @Geetha sis: true hey na 😉

    @darshi 🙂

    @pm: 😀

    @gore: I know – I don’t think anybody in the world would have loved the laser show like the way we did 😉 😀 I also loved the curtain music of 80th, so soothing n divine n 1000 more awesome adjectives that I cant think of right now ❤


  3. Sulo 1st of all -WELL DONE!! :)…nd 80th B’day is my fav too!!It was sheer bliss…nd hey i luvd evry sentence u’v written…esp ….to know that everyone is happy…most orginal line i’v read in a long long tym!! 🙂 🙂 simply refreshing!!


  4. That was indeed the most blessed day of my life.Dashing lukg God,electric atmosphere,if there was a heaven on earth,thr it was…Walking down in Procession with the most wonderful lord.I did feel like celebrity amidst the flashing cameras…wat a day!wat a moment..ecstatic…

    Wat say Preethi Mohan ?


    • absolutely!!! And we could actually sing the Happy Bday song to him in the front as we didnt have to blow any instrument when the curtain lifted and he was in his splenderous pithambar – will never forget that!!!


  5. Awesome line…..”As I look back, the happiest moments of my life have always been the ones that had a shade of orange” and one more line which made me feel so blessed “I was breathing the same air as Him, or treading His soil”


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