Of autumn trees and trying times!


Tree (Photo credit: blmiers2)

We sat there in silence – Bumble and I. There weren’t many around in the park – a stray couple here and there, a group of elderly women, who shared a muffled laughter, two more elderly couple, who took brisk strolls, as they chatted on all and sundry, rest of the world was hushed by the serenity of the evening air.

I looked at her, as she clumsily hugged her knees. There was sadness in her eyes, and silence in her lips. I knew what tugged her, and I also knew that no words could soothe, no hugs could heal, no reasoning could decipher the play. It felt like a lost battle, and I swallowed the words that came my way.

It reminded me of those leafless trees that stood through the blistering autumnal summer.

What made them stand through the test of time?

Why stand naked to the bark, as the weather Goddess stole away its precious possession??

I hoped to find an answer, more so a way in which I could comfort my bumble. I drifted to silence once again.

“There is a reason to it.”

I heard the Sand’s whisper, which lay beneath the sole of my foot.

“Is there?” I asked, in an attempt to indulge my curiosity.

“In fact, there are a couple” assured the Sand, adding mystery to my woes.

“Pray tell me, wise one” mumbled I, desperate for an answer.

“Very well then, let me share the secret with you:

 Tough times come to rip off all that is dear to you – it could be freedom, it could be love, it could be joy, it could be anything – like that of leaves to the bark, but they always leave 2 morals behind. First is the lesson that you need to learn, and second is to know who to leave, and who to hold dear.

The second moral is more evident to the eye, for you learn it as you live through the lesson.

If you take that tree, the leaves seemed the reason for its existence, but once it was robbed off that, it was merely a bark. The wayfarers started deserting it, the grocery owners deserted it, the school children and the birds even, and just as the tree was about to give itself up, it could feel the tug of those hands that lay invisible to the naked eye: its roots.

The roots didn’t want to give up on the bark. It stayed close, and it held a firm grip, it was around, and it never left. Though the bark felt barren, and alone, it knew it had a reason to stand tall, for despite it all, it had its roots, which bore the bark at the bosom of its soul.

That is the moral you must look out for, as you traverse your own path of drudgery: find your roots!

The first moral, on the other hand, knocks your door at the end, and you will never know about it, while you tread the path.

What the bark and the root knew was moral two – that they were there for each other, come what may… What they didn’t know was that at the close of every autumn, was a spring of hope, where grandeur awaits to embrace them – and that my friend, is moral one.

 dont-give-up-quoteWhen the joy and vibrancy of it all would come to the fore, the bark and the root will slowly learn the grand scheme of things. If either were to give up on the other, during the course of the journey, they would have never lived to know what was in store… They would have never known that what they awaited was a spring…” surmised the Sand.

As I absorbed the wonderful enormity of the seeming moral debacle, I saw her shifting in her posture.

“Lost in thought, are you?” I asked.

She gestured a no.

“Let’s go shopping then,” I said, taking her by the hand. I knew right then that I would never let that grip go.

7 thoughts on “Of autumn trees and trying times!

  1. Sometimes, it is the roots that make all of the difference, yes. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. I needed to read this. And then re-read it. In fact, I should print it out. Rarely does one see such use of autumn. Thank you.


  2. That was quite absorbing… :-).

    You understood it all because u listened to wht the sand had to say….the majority of us don’t bother to do we…listen I mean:-).

    At the end of it all….life still goes on doesn’t it???


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