This day, that year..!

65 years ago, on the same day as today, at 24:00 hours IST, someone blew a conch to beckon an independent India.

I was watching one of the documentaries on the independence struggle last night. Right there, in-between the emotions of pain and pride, rose a predicament: I was torn between the joy of rejoicing, and the job of making it count.

As I mulled over the very thought, I realized one thing: ‘Magnificent are the gifts given to mankind. We as humans could choose to be languidly ignorant, coldly ostentatious or be humbly overwhelmed as we live our life.’

So here’s to that spirit of independence, rather than the independence itself.

Jai Hind!

One thought on “This day, that year..!

  1. Spirit of independence is what I like!

    I am told WP is not sending notifications of my posts to people. If you’re one of them, please do refresh your subscription, yaar. 🙂


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