Prodding our wayward minds!

Someone wise made me believe that it is not the mile long words, but the mile deep thoughts, a true mark of discriminatory homo sapiens. He got what he wanted, I stopped talking 😀

So if you have thought a mile deep on the monotony of our lives, the disparity between Beverly and Ecuador, and the need to be the change than wait for it, then this is for you…

If I need to start somewhere – well, I am not really sure if education ruined me, but the assimilation of morbid and sordid facts of the world, or ingenious ideas and legendary achievements by fellow brethren has come mostly through life’s experiences, and that to me is the best per se.

In the last few days, my lunch sessions circumambulated around capitalism, socialism, moral policing, dowry, biofuel, women’s day, and who holds the responsibility in creating a better world. I was also telling one of my friends about PP’s post on juvenile children, titled – “Are few people born evil?”

The thing is most of us stop there.

We speak for an hour about the distortion of young minds, and then we pack our bags to head back home. Why can’t the healthy debates get on to a higher pedestal, and we DO something?

Would we?

The optimist in me says that we would. Shall we then join hands then? Please?

Let me share an interesting talk that I listened to last night by Dr. JP Narayan:

I was particularly struck by the words –

“If we did the right things, by 2039, India would be the 2nd largest economy in the world, after China, but ‘if only we did the right things’.”

“I do not know if there is God, but I know that there is sin, and there are two types of sin. 1) Unfulfilled potential and 2) avoidable suffering“

How true?

When he says that it has taken us 62 years to remain at the same GDP of 2%, I am sure it would have had a tug at everyone’s heart, and if it didn’t, then I can’t see much difference between you and the small boy in PP’s post, who didn’t have a tinge of guilt after he raped a girl.

I believe it’s all about the little things in life.

To take a relevant, yet short detour: I travel by PTC every day, and I see at least two persons in a week, who would throw something on the street – a bus ticket, a wrapper or whatever they think they can throw. The question is ‘are they really thinking?’

I mean, those are the little things, and if we can’t even do that much to the world we live in, then what has education really given us?

The next academic year has come knocking (banging) our doors, and the young moms and pops I know of, are busy standing in the queues of the prestigious (money sucking) schools, or have disdained themselves to believing that their sons/daughters cannot make it to the much coveted ivy league like schools. The world seems to run with a tagline of ‘It’s all business.’ Who really has the time to stop and think? Even if someone did, who listens? If we listen, do we act?

I do not want to belittle myself or the creator who created me by doing nothing. When I die, and I go to Him, I want my tattered body, mind and soul to go back to Him, cos only then would it mean that I have made best use of all that He has given me.

To that day!

To every miniscule and grand things that life throws at me!

PS. Let’s be the change…

5 thoughts on “Prodding our wayward minds!

  1. I think making a difference starts with the small things, like you said. With telling someone to not throw a wrapper out the bus window, or standing up to an eve teaser. We need to start with the smaller things, and then move onto the bigger things. Well-written post. And I appreciate the link back 🙂


  2. Totally agree. Got to be the change we wish to see. albeit it’s frustrating at times when you see so much wrong rampantly happening all around you. you tend to wonder is your doing the right thing really making a difference? and if yes, to whom? that’s the time to remind ourselves ‘This above all: to thine own self be true’. I’ve found this quote to be a source of great strength in times of temptation.

    love your style! 🙂


  3. I read PP’s post sometime back, too. That and your post and several others show that we do not lack awareness here in India. It must be something else that makes us as a country keep regressing. Could it be our need to be dishonest to ourselves and the others? I often think about it.


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