IWD – 2012

It’s that time of the year again, when we celebrate International Women’s day. We are either caught up in the loads of wishes that come unto our door, or we are busy wishing the women in our life. Have we ever halted to find out what makes a woman special? Or is she special at all in the first place?

If not, now is the time to think.

Being the non-conformist that I am, I would say, ‘No, she is not special. She is also special’. Why should it ever be a battle of the sexes? Why should it ever be ‘We women’ vs. ‘They men’? Why should it be ‘We Indians’ vs. ‘Those Pakistanis’? Why should it be ‘the blacks’ vs. ‘the whites’? Why should it be ‘Hindus’ vs. ‘Muslims’?

Why can’t the ‘vs.’ be ‘us’?

If you look back at the early 1900s, the overt intention of declaring March 8th as IWD was because there was no equality between men and women in the socio-economic and political avenues. This has changed now, not completely though, but it has changed, and it is still changing slowly.

We need to admit that, understand the efficacy of the day, and not merely get carried away by celebrating year after year. Of course there is no harm in having a day of celebration, a day of marked respect, but we need to remind ourselves why we are doing, what we are doing. I kind of get the feeling that the celebration has gone a little wayward; a trend of sorts and the then overt intention has now become covert.

It’s been over a century, and if 8th of March still symbolizes the yester year’s discrimination and turmoil of the fairer sex, then I am afraid, there hasn’t been much progress. A civilized world is capable of offering much more, don’t you think? We need to truly understand as a society about IWD, feminism, equality, etc., and not make this as a day of roses, ethnic wear, etc. in the mainstream media.

What would infact excite me is a day when we all can tip our hat, and say IWD is over and done with; March 8th will now stand for ‘Women & Men – the harmonious go getters’, or something like that. (Yeah, I am not good at coining days, but you get the drift, right?) Let us be partners. Let us work together. As one.

Let us bid good-bye, adieu, sayonara to female feticide, dowry, sexual assaults and such other blasphemy… Let us sing accolades for both women and men with equal fervor… Let us not give a special mention to either… Yin does its work, so does yang. Together, we can create a balance like no other. 

If we could even create such a world in our lifetime by consciously avoiding the inherent, incredulous, inane ideas of you-know-whos, then I think atleast by 2112 AD, a blogger would write a post titled ‘Harmony day: 2112’, and not ‘IWD: 2012’.

To that day, my brethern. To that day, when we live as one.

PS. Since I am still in 2012, and we are still inching towards ‘HD’, I want to dedicate this post to three random women in my life, who have inspired me by their thought, word or action.

Ms. Priya of Partial View, a recent add in my blog roll. I love her free-spirited expression. I owe you Priya, for you chose to blog.

Ms. Kundhavi, a senior alumnus of SSSIHL, who inspires me beyond measure with her dedication to charitable acts. I owe you, for you showed me how to lead by example.

Mrs. J, for embracing everyone in your love and ever sweet demeanor. I owe you my hosting skills.

Happy Women’s day everybody, but only until the dawn of Harmony day… 😉

4 thoughts on “IWD – 2012

  1. 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful mention, SB.

    And why wait for Harmony Day until 2112? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a magic wand to make it happen tomorrow? Such dreams…


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