I was in a blog hopping mode today, when I read this,

“Have you ever tasted love? I can proudly say I have. Her kind. Love is a balancing element. There is no possible way it can make your life askew, if it really is love.”

Wow. How can someone write like that, I wonder.

Not all truth can be said in a poetic way, but I know this blogger has, and I am completely bowled over. This quote would now be my gospel.


How would I define love? Is it – Coffee Mugs. Mr. God. Rain. Krishna. Family. Friends. Pups. Kittens. Mum. Deepa. Maybe December? I mean that’s my birth month after all, and I am already waiting for it, plus the presents of course. 😛



Say something like this?


Okay, okay, childishness aside, every now and then, I too have tried to make sense of this ‘love’. I get to a point where I believe, love is that ever expansive thing which embraces everything in its totality. I am still figuring it out, of course. Learning, and unlearning in the process. In the meanwhile, a part of it looks something like this:

Where I tell my friend that it is never the day that defines the bond. It is the bond that defines the day for every relationship.

Seriously how can Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Friendships Day, all of this survive as a special standalone, if the everydays don’t give it that kind of glow?

Roughly put, love to me is:

  • Letting the other person know how much they mean to us, by being there, and through those little things.
  • Telling our mothers that we owe ’em, our love.
“I might not remember the first time you held me close and kissed me, but I am sure that was when the lover in me was born.”
  • Telling our loved ones that we are bankrupt in front of their love.
If I have to present you with one gift that will define the bond I share with you, even with the whole world by my side, I would but go bankrupt.
If my length of travel far and wide would reflect the length I would take to have you in my life, even the most distant course that I can ever travel would but fall short.
  • Boasting about our fathers: 
You’re my one man in life.
The one and only man
I’ve ever loved.
If not for you,
the girls and the women
would have won it hands down,
You won ’em all,
You won all their places ❤
  • Telling our special someone that:
If only I could see your face in the fall of a shooting star, or fading moon light, if only I could hear your voice amidst the rustle of leaves, or in the owl’s hoot, if only I could sense your touch in the northerly wind, would my heart know its respite; if only you were near to shoo away the silent night that has come to embrace me.
  • Making a big deal about F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
“We don’t have any blood ties or marriage vows to stand together till the end. No DNA tests, stamp papers or register entries play a part. We can walk off anytime with no sense of fear, regret, or whatever, but we don’t. And only this “don’t” makes it special!”
  • Most of all, telling the ones we love that:
If love could come in packages, I would get yourself wrapped, and deliver it to all the people in the world, for it isn’t love, if it isn’t you.

As Priya has said in her blog, “Love is definitely a balancing element. There is no possible way it can make your life askew, if it really is love.” 🙂

Here’s to the lovely people in my life, who let me bask in so much love. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “L.O.V.E.

  1. I would love to rediscover the kind of passion your writing oozes, SB. It’s beautiful, it is full of love. Look nowhere else!

    Have a brilliant birthday this year. It’s right there, a breath away.


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