Re-visiting Anantapur: a day of euphoria and nostalgia!

August is a beautiful month in itself. There is no rush of resolutions, or tense of romance, no loitering in the corridors for studies, or madness of vacation, no sweltering heat, or ten tons of book loads. It is that part of the year where you kind of settle down, the weather too eases you up a bit by not playing a phantom of fury. The subtlety of nature brings out the artistic facet of even the most objective mind, and it is now that everyone thinks of home and all the love that comes associated with it.

We are no different, and so we reserved the best of romances for August. The five of us – Supriya, Preethi, Prateeksha, Deepa and I, 2007 alumna of SSSIHL, Anantapur Campus – took note of the long weekend that was to come at the end of first fortnight, and immediately blocked our calendars.

Yes, we were heading home after what seemed like eons, but mere four and three-quarters to our objective self. We were ballistic with excitement.

p 4

The lotus pond 🙂


This trip to our university campus at Anantapur was long pending, and almost a dozen of us from the Commerce ’07 batch wanted to make it. Chain mails and phone calls spurred from all corners – when to go, what to do, what to get, how to come, when to book – and ‘believe you me’ the trip was about to be called off even one day prior to the evening. It was all mayhem.

A pandemonium of sorts, as I cancelled almost 5 different tickets at 5 different times, yet the 5 of us never gave in. We somehow were bent upon opening the portal gates once again, and that we did. Courtesy: Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The only Chennai girl that I was in the gang, speeded up to Bangalore on Friday afternoon. Supriya and Murali – the bestest hostess/host ever for me in all my trips had ordered a set of yummiest pizzas for the night, and the 6 of us hogged them to our hearts content. 😀

The best place to be at and the best people to be with, what more could I ask for before my trip to Anantapur, and Puttaparthi – the land of my master.To tell that I was ecstatic would be undermining it.


We had ordered a 5 KG Choco truffle for the commerce dept. faculty and students, and magical coffee mugs for our teachers.

Yay! We were all set, and the Kali age chariot “Tata Manza” galloped towards the portal gates. After almost half an hour into the road, a mellow voice squeaked –

“Did we get the coffee mugs?”

After an earth shattering silence, all of us had the ‘don’t tell me we didn’t get the coffee mugs’ look.

“Should we turn around?”

“Swami told me that we would be forgetting something.” Supriya butted in.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“I thought His message was meant for me, and so I checked the ones I need to take.”

Though that was an experience uncalled for *rolls eyes*, we were kind of ecstatic seeing how Swami was pampering one of our girls, and the gang in the process. The traffic signals that we whisked past early in the morning had now taken the reins, and we slow marched towards Indira Nagar.


We were back to the highways in the next half-hour, and by 10.30 we knew we were near OUR CAMPUS. As the car gathered speed, we had a glimpse of the tower, the lion mountain, and the lotus on top of the University building.


All our hearts fluttered to the highest of heavens knowing that we finally were back to a place where we always belong. The Tata Manza came to a halt infront of the campus guest house, where we left Murali to enjoy some divine solitude.

“My! Merci beaucoup” was our first reaction when we saw the guest house interiors, because not only did it look lovely, but had mesmerizing and vibrant pictures of Bhagwan and Krishna. Yes, we were completely bowled over.

We were then off to the library to see Pushpa Ma’am, followed by Dwaraka Rani Ma’am at Principals Office. I am sure the look on our faces would have told them how excited we were to be back, and their smiles as always made us feel at home.

As much as we scurried our way towards the commerce building, we took in everything – the sights, the smell, and the sound.


A surge of thoughts enveloped us, as we walked again in the campus gates:

  • Krishna in front of the bank. Xerox room. Green house.
  • Buddha, Shirdi Sai and Ganesh idols in the park.
  • Water anna – Xerox anna – TC akka – dhobi anna
  • Saraswathi in science building and Marble floor
  • Quadrangles – MAs, B.Eds, Jayama Ma’ams, Poorna Ma’ams, Pushpa Ma’ams.
  • Stores and the three-minute calling with KG Ma’am
  • Lines to the bathroom, and the NH & OH wings
  • kittens, and their baby like cries.
  • Krishna again in prayer hall
  • the hibiscus flowers and the neatly cut grass
  • hanuman chalisa
  • the prayer hall, dining hall
  • night-outs, pickle rice, rice stealing
  • the Sunday movies, the Saturday bun, Kurkure, and half-cooked maggi
  • study inchargers and bhajan rounds
  • solar heater, bee hive and monkeys
  • corridors, terrace walks, and the bell
  • room duties and imli
  • God classes and prayer talks
  • late night accountancy tests, or early morning finance classes
  • band sessions, MSR practice, and self-reliance
  • Jayama Ma’am, Pushpa Ma’am, and the ever so loving campus teachers.
  • Most of all, Bhagwan Himself.

All the memory that ever was – rushed in. Anantapur: what a place! It felt electric to be back.

We went over to the commerce building. There it awaited. The sweet demeanor of addressing the girls was still the same with our Commerce teachers. We melted all over again (and yes pushed aside, I am not sure which sadhana helped us, but yes we pushed aside all thoughts of hugging and kissing them), as we reverentially told Sai ram Ma’am to all of them. (To Be Cont.)

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