For I fell, to rise in love :)

Dodged I, for long, Mr. Cupid’s shot;

Running, hiding from His divine embrace

Disdained I was to acknowledge ‘ts merit,

But thrilled I was by the jocund chase.

Slowly and chivalrously, the small Lord took over:

Tagging to His credit yet another romance;

A centennial man who espouses love

Can only but win in uniting hearts.

In the light of victory, He beams again today

For we are happy to bond in the name of ‘love’!

For the snowflakes in summer,

and the roses in winter.

For the warmth in your hands,

and the twinkle in your eyes.

For marooning

the ‘Monday’ blues,

and sporting ever a smile

of wondrous hues!

For adding shine

now and again,

even in pretty little nothings

of everyday life…

For loving me,

and having me bewitched

at my own love

for you!

For being all, but one

and one, but all.

I can, but do

one favour that’s due.

And that would be the honour

of marrying you! ❤

🙄 random love notes 🙄

Updated to add: Combining the love poems were great, but I am gonu stick with the original for a little while… 😛

7 thoughts on “For I fell, to rise in love :)

  1. Whatever it is, be it a medley from ur old stuff or nythng new, it always has got the ‘rowdy’ touch in it. Awesome sis. Ur style is diff and I alws admire it. 🙂


  2. Oh wow! Nice one Suls… 🙂

    I had million thoughts hitting me wen I was reading this.. before I read the concluding intro!U kno wat right! 😛


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