Flash fiction :)

Preeti Shenoy has hosted a flash-fiction contest in her blog. I usually haven’t gotten around to contests online, but what’s life without some changes, eh? So, the rules:

  • 209 words
  • Use the three pictures (with or without the wordings)


She sat at the far end of the aisle lost in thoughts, when he elbowed her.

“What is my little princess thinking about?”

“Oh nothing dad, just waiting…”


“You bet… but, only because you are here.”

“Duh! What of the awards – the name and fame? Am sure you are reveling in glory in your new world”, he chuckled.

A new world

“It’s not that tempting compared to the long drives that you promised, and your special aloo pakora.”

“Did I really promise?”

“Daaaaaaaad, don’t you dare say you forgot.”

Just as she was punching him while he guffawed, Ashwin elbowed her again.

“They are calling you onto the podium for the 100th time. Hurry now, will you?”

She jolted back to reality as the hall reverberated with applause for MS. Shwetha Sharma,  the author of ‘Freeing Women’. She bags yet another accolade for her ceaseless and undying spirit to support downtrodden women, who suffer abuse in their marital life.

Freeing women!

A tear trickled down her cheek as she got down from the dais. My darling dad, who wept for the first time, as he saw his daughter crumble right under his nose, should have been alive to see my bright days!

Ashwin merely drew her close, for that is all she needed.

11 thoughts on “Flash fiction :)

  1. PM, Definitely, may be 😛 😉

    PS. Remember my prayer talk?? i first showed it to you after i wrote.. cos i knew if PM likes it others will too ❤


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