Those good 'ol days…

Where have those days gone???

When I used to wake up early just so that I can watch Scooby and Scrappy fight the criminals… When morning 7 meant it was broccoli time with Popeye… When April and May were always holidays…

Where have those days gone???

When the worst tension was watching India lose in a cricket match, or getting caught by the PT Master because of an unwashed shoe… When we shared even curd rice during lunch time… When 25 paise ‘aasai’ chocolate was a rave amidst the gang…

Where have those days gone???

When I loved people without even knowing the meaning of love… When a simple smile helped me patch up the worst of fights over a cotton candy… When Captain Planet could save us all from the worldly ills… When Dexter and Dee Dee were talked about in the science lab…

Where have those days gone???

When Doordarshan was the only channel, yet I did not even feel bored… When nobody except Charles Babbage used/worried about the computers… When I hardly used my landline to speak to my friend, because she was just a street away… When Navratri meant a gang of colony kiddos marching into neighbouring houses to eat the ‘sundals’…

Where have those days gone???

When we raced towards nothing but the ice-cream shop… When Mojo jojo was the only villain who messed with the people…

Where have those days gone???

When all I worried about were lost cricket balls and broken windows along with Sathya and Harish… Where have they gone now, my pals, who walked into my house early every morning just to wake me up…

When chalk pieces were used as shoe polish every Monday… When ‘Tinkle tells you why’ was the source of General Knowledge… When ribbons and coconut oil were an intrinsic part of everyday living… When Bril ink and Camlin ink fights lasted for weeks…

Where have those days gone when friends came over at twelve, and wished me on my b’day… When hugs were never put down as words (virtually), but always shared in person… Where are those cuddles and kisses and greeting cards…

Where have those days gone???

When I did not have the need to write a post, because my loved ones were at a shouting distance…

To those twenty years of my life which I would never get again!

Now I know time goes on – people move out – people move in – preschool becomes school – school becomes college – college becomes office – places change – dreams change – crushes change – yet memories remain. ❤


14 thoughts on “Those good 'ol days…

  1. Awesome sis :)….I am trying to recreate that magic now…it is tough but no harm in trying…..i am trying to be a 2nd std kid all over again…:)


  2. Small things can also make a huge difference…. 🙂 It was wonderful for u to write a post on this which reminded me of captain planet and scooby doo…… 😦

    Psst: i still watch scooby doo, dragon tales and ninja hatori 😉 😛


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