He glides into Kulwant Hall once again like dew drops that descend on forlorn leaves in the early morning hours.

It is but an artist’s vanity to paint, to sing, to capture such profound beauty, but still one chooses to take a flight to the highest of heavens, for He has us in raptures.

Sacred chants resonate the air.

The mellifluous flute music lulls us into a blissful trance.


I dream of the yonder giridhari.

The sweetness intoxicating smile, the aura of love, the ever benign grace – moists my eyes!

That magnificent crown of hair which dances to the rhythm of our inner most excitement and earnest longing; His immediate reflex to adjust it. Wah!!! My heart goes thak thak…

The way His robe sways up and down, as He moves one step after another. If I were He, I would have been swallowed in pride for such a charisma.

The nonchalant way of breaking the coconuts. Oh! I smirk on your behalf Madhava. I don’t think anyone can ever do that.

The way you alight onto the first floor when the silver door opens during Christmas eve. Wah! I am born a million times, for I revel in the ecstasy of Thy majesty.

To that paripurana nirguna avtar, to that ever-loving, ever charming valentine, I offer my life and everything that comes it way…

P.S. This is to you and to your Parthy soil. To the pigeons that accompany me while I sit in mandir. To your car that smells of ethereal fragrance. To the mats that design the kulwant hall. To the green-gold carvings that decor the ceiling. To my Krishna in the hospital block. To the boisterous look on the golden lions. To my ever-loving brother Ganesh. And to my extended Sai family ❤ ❤ ❤

Jai Sai Ram!

3 thoughts on “Saiii…

  1. Nice depiction of the longing soul, for the Super Soul!

    Do you hear the soft music of reply: I am never lost to you and you can not be lost from Me?!

    For, His hands and feet are spread all over ”sarvadhah paani paadham..”!

    have a nice day sweet souls, play your duties amidst the hide and seek of the Beloved!


  2. loved your post… I was left bewitched reading and personally feeling each line 🙂 felt like i am in parti experiencing each line as i read through.. Captured in detail and we are left lost in them details…!


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