Ayodhya dispute

Why must one feel apprehensive about this dispute? Hypothetically, even if the dice did role in your favour can you be ecstatic? I, for one reason won’t even be remotely contented (hopefully like many others). Mainly because, it’s not human nature to show apathy when your fellow brethren experiences pain and agony.

Why the frustrating indifference? Why the hostility? Don’t you believe the Nirakari Allah or the Ayodhya born Ram intended to have only peace lovers as followers and not mad exasperating fanatics – who fight in the name of sublime, magnificent, ever-loving God?

Even celebrating world leaders like Gandhi’s birth or honouring their sacrifice should remind us that they stood by their ideals – that they envisioned a glorious future of a free country/ies; that they looked for energetic, free-spirited world citizens who are courageous in times of strife to uproot evil and not be the cause of one.

Calling ourselves as a secular nation/world is but wasteful, if we shamefully pride ourselves to isolation in the name of religion/region/race.

Let the 3R’s never force you into revenge or fill another with remorse.

Let the 3Rs never harass you into guilt or greed.

Let the 3Rs never let you intimidate or ignore a neighbour.

Let the 3Rs never irritate or make you impatient when you hear a neighbour cry.

Let the 3Rs never distract you into destruction or pressure you into shameful suspicion.

Let the 3Rs never make you sad, scared or stressed.

Let the 3Rs never let you doubt or disappoint a fellow human.

Let the 3Rs never tire you into the thrill of war.

Let the 3Rs never let you give in to contempt or caution.

Let the 3Rs never burden you with jealousy/isolation.

So what should or can the 3Rs do?!

Let it assure us of the love that we inherit with delight.

Let it help us revel in awe as we witness the working of other religion/region/race.

Let it fill us with compassion;

Let it inspire us into empathy.

Let it charm us to reach sublime heights together.

Let it fascinate us with surprises of what such unions can beget.

Let it grace our lives with unsurpassed enthusiasm to do more and give more.

Most of all, let it remind us to share the joy of humour, the glamour of togetherness and the pleasure of living a life full of love and charm.

Yes, let it remind us to be grateful and glad, for we belong to one great human family – despite all apparent differences.

“The light you see in the dark of night is that of God in man – find the light that is in your heart and reach the Promised Land. Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Allah – all came to this land; all of them brought the message of love – To love your fellow-man…”

May there be peace – physical, mental & spiritual 🙂

*Know Thy neighbour as Thy own self*

5 thoughts on “Ayodhya dispute

  1. Sulo, that is one beautiful post. I have been compelled to think and rethink and re-emphasize on the fact that we are the future citizens of India, and we need a huge huge change in our outlook.If anyone asks me what am I, I never answer them, coz I do not like to be categorised or sub-categorised just to be judged on what is my background.Ask me what language I speak, and I shall answer you with a huge range of options coz that is something which I am proud of. The rich and diverse culture.A person should never be judged on their race and religion and people who infuse such behavior into their young ones really need to face their own selves.I was talking to this young man online the other day. A 19 year old medical student. I was talking to him about how I was planning to take up Violin lessons. His response was..”Violin? Eww!” when I asked him what was the problem, he said that Violin is cheap and is played by beggars….. THIS, is what needs to be changed. Not to mention, the young man did get a piece of my mind that night.People, please please open your eyes and ears and before all that, open your mind because you can never, ever underestimate or overestimate anyone. That is not how it was intended to be!Anyway enough spamming on here 😛 Will blog about this!Love,Ashxo


  2. Awww… Ash, firstly bear hugs… i have never ever received such a BIG comment… lol ;)”Ask me what language I speak, and I shall answer you with a huge range of options coz that is something which I am proud of. The rich and diverse culture.” – How sweet!!! Seriously, when ppl ask me to which caste i belong or whatever i dont like it cos i know that ppl tend to bond if u fall in the same category n kina give a quirky vibe if not… i do like the existence of all of this diffrnce n double like those who embrace it in its wholeness 🙂 🙂 n if at all i rant a lot abt my college n my frens in blog its cos of that diverse culture… am proud of havin a fren/s 4m a diff culture, diff religion n a diff state… i am surprised at how can one feel otherwise!n man! i sooo couldnt belive that violion ka thing… n for a 19 yr old to say that – its pathetic! 😦 yes, it surely is not how it was intended to be – will wait 4 ur post :)xoxoxo 🙂


  3. yeah Sulo….u r cent percent true but if u c actually it z the understanding of one’s religion in a better way will solve most of the problems….As it z said…be a better Hindu, A better christian a better Muslim nd so on….To live in peace we have to understand we r all the children of God who is One….


  4. @ Hari: sigh! i know… in a way – i dont even want the partition/difference to exist amidst pakistanis/indians/americans/africans – whoever… if only we would all embrace the world in its wholeness :/@ soundu: right on sounds – understanding of one’s religion in essence – n not based on factual names/forms…


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