This is to you, my love!

Sat I in solitary embrace
Thinking of the bygone days.

Two decades – ain’t I right?
It took for you to come to me.

But was it you all along,
My constant wayfarer of the past?

I ask with a sheepish smile
For it seems improbable!

Oh! pardon the alter ego and
its skeptic vibes.

For the satires and tongue-in-cheek phrases,
For the paradoxes and precautions.

“But well, what am I to do,

but give in?”, My beloved.

No, not to the hopelessness of my alter ego
but to the caricatures of derision and irony.

To Wordsworth’s works
and Shakespearean melody

To Paulo Coelho
and Cecelia Ahern

To the awe-inspiring, ever enticing wonder that you are
To the infallible, unfathomable wisdom that you hold.

For intriguing and inspiring the amateur me
With a mere permutation of 26 letters.

What am I to do, but simply give in –
My past wayfarer and present lover?

For you have nonchalantly engulfed the skeptic me
in Thy mystic self

Three cheers to you and to the art of writing…

P.S. I was seventeen when I first penned a poem not because I wanted to, but because I had to; it was “homework” 😛

I only started blogging for the heck of it, and never was it so much for the love of language until recently. I have started loving the play of words – be it satire interwoven with humour, subtle unrequited love, abstract philosophy, admiration of unfathomable beauty, sordid anger, heart-wrenching anguish. I have loved them all when emoted via the best of words 🙂 There is this mesmerizing charm when the writer brings out his innate self in his work; gives the emotion a vibrant vibe so languidly that it reaches the inner most recess of any reader’s heart. 

While I am a no regular at this trade, my fellow bloggers in some way had let me enjoy blogging. Here’s to Reflections, Ashrita, Raaji, Lena, Preeti Shenoy and many more 🙂 Thank you. 

6 thoughts on “This is to you, my love!

  1. Wow, Sulo, congratulations first of all! And secondly what a wonderful write up was that… I am so honored to be in the list of the blogs you like :)It is very easy to be a blogger who can mask their emotions and portray what the world wants to read by the use of complex words but it takes a real writer to just come out with what they feel, when they feel and how they feel. and you are one of them! Hope this journey never ends for you, me and all of us, in spite of all the break-aways, break throughs and the phases of absconding! 🙂


  2. Awwwww…..lovely post!!!! U knw most of us start tht way…into bloggin I mean, just scribbling down our thoughts and keeping an online diary. Its when we start interating with other bloggers tht we start polishing our writing skills. Congrats girl….3 yrs is really good going:-). And thanks for the mention:-D!!!


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