Life they say is a journey towards perfection!

I couldn’t agree with this title any better than today when I sat to read Tejaswee’s blog. (Read my earlier post here) It’s not the first time that I am reading her posts, and I sure pride myself when I say I have read them all once before. Unfortunately, after her demise.

Her words, in my opinion, are well-poised, full of conviction, charisma, compassion, vision, vigor, joy, optimism, ethics and much more. I was smiling at some, equally perplexed at other, l.m.a.o. for some more, nodding and grinning at few others, and each time I felt inspired, touched, desolated and deserted by even known words at times. By the time, I was reading the 11th or 12th post, I knew deep within that hers was a life well-lived, lived to perfection.

For all of us, there is always this desire to know, to go beyond, to fathom the unfathomable, to experiment and experience the diversity of this God-given world. To reach a level of satiety that will make us realize what it takes to fulfill one’s life. Today with Tj’s help, I was able to figure out a chunk of that manifold mystery.

I found comfort in the voice that said, “Obviously, her journey is complete. She has done what ought to be done. She has given a touch of perfection to life’s sojourn. She was 17 then when she started writing; 19 now when she has left us all “her words” – to inspire, laugh, introspect, interrogate, imbibe, cherish, and hold onto as we traverse through future”.

I then knew she will live on, for her words have left behind a legacy.

Her post A-letter-to-the-future is a must read. It shows much fore-sight at such a tender age, and it had me gape in awe. Bravo, little sis.

Hymns proclaim,

 “Na karmana na prajaya dhanena tyagenaikena amrtatva manasuh:”

I now think it is not sacrifice alone that will make you immortal, even your thoughts will make you immortal. Your vision will go on and on.

Her words puts everything on a new pedestal, and they bring in a fresh wave of hope to the otherwise sulky and uninspiring days of Kali.  No wonder her mom wrote the below in her post:

“My daughter was an easy child to raise. My dearest friend and my closest ally, a confidante, a companion, we talked endlessly, we shopped, we read, we laughed at the same things and I never had to face any of the parenting problems one hears about. I feel I was extremely fortunate to have her with me for the best nineteen and a half years of my life. The thought of crying and not smiling fondly whenever I thought of her – a girl who never made anybody cry… I knew I did not want that.”



See below for few of her blog links:


The-trouble – Loved the twist in the end

 On being Moral:

Moral-dilemma – My salutes

She is-a-bitch-too – This will make you chuckle

Value-system-of-the-youth-today – Totally agree 🙂

 Of being a teen:

Of Crushes – A fiction 😉

College-again-and-my-shift-key-breaks – Peppy post

Cheater 😉 – Its one of nostalgia

After-the-world-cup One word: Cute 😛

“…No more really gorgeous footballers to ogle at. Oh the meaningless-ness of my life!…”

Paper-dolly-thermocol-face – Loved the header. How does she comes up with titles like these I wonder 🙂


Her concern on socio-economic issues:

So-kicking-is-okay – On helpless IPC sections

Whaat?! – On sexual demands in Afghan

Pepper-spray – She has expressed the concern vehemently, yet subtly. The cheers of victory are indeed reverberating.

Sarko-his-burqa-and-why-i am-confused – She got me confused too 😉

On-being-suggestive – Of incredulous laws

Should-man-play-god – Lovely dimensions

The need to Change – An Obama rant as she calls it

What is a religion according to her?

Global Warming – This was her post on blog action day about our need to change. Well written!

Ah. Wait a minute. You could just read from here –


And then there were News (excerpts):

Of soaring dreams robbed by fate (a column in Indian Express & MSN)

“Nineteen-year-old Tejaswee Rao knew exactly what to do with her life. After graduating from Lady Shri Ram College, the second-year student wanted to adopt a baby girl, become the most powerful person in the world, run for President and spend her life helping the poor — probably not in that order. But fate had other plans in store…”

“Blogging had begun as a condition imposed on Tejaswee by her mother if she wanted to spend time on social networking sites. And today, after her death, she continues to live on through it.”


 A fellow blogger’s tribute that I loved (excerpts):

Tejaswee (by indyeah) – a touching one indeed ❤

“Go and see for yourself how a daughter is a reflection of her mother. How the same passion drives them both”… …”Here is a girl who has not closed her mind to anything. She ponders, she mulls, she asks questions, tries to answer some of them herself..and then still keeps an open mind. Isnt this how human beings should be? Not dogmatic, open to everything?”… …”Tejaswee’s words are such. They speak of her. They are gentle, they are calm. They are energetic. They are thoughtful. Her words bubble with happiness. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Her words breathe.”…“This delight of a girl doesn’t leave one with any other option. She hooks you in with her words and then leaves you smiling.”…


 What her mother writes (excerpts):

Truly, like mother, like daughter!

1) IHM’s post when her daughter turned 18 (Wah! Loved the motherly sentiments.)

 “…This little demanding thing for all the noise she made

For all her capacity to keep a family awake

Couldn’t open or close her fist at will“…


“…When she was five, I was advised to use my perfumes sparingly 

And take good care of all my clothes

She couldn’t imagine what she’d inherit

If I finished everything before she reached my height.


2) What I don’t like about being a mother? – I loved the way she ends this.

…”Cards proclaiming undying love to Papa, all incorrectly spelled.

Almost toppling you, with violent hugging.

On stage singing out of tune.

Singing louder to the whole building from the bathroom.

… … …

Laughing hysterically because the sibling is clowning foolishly ..

I think I like everything about being a mother.

Except the helpless feeling you get when…”

3) Dont-fall-in-love-now – Typical mom – daughter sessions, and really pitied the reaction in the end 😛

I am on my laptop, Daughter (17), is sprawled diagonally across the bed, finishing a school assignment. Son’s practicing guitar in his room. Contentment is this.

Suddenly, “How do you know when you are really, reeally in love?“

I thought madam was studying!

4) Happy-daughters-day – Loved this post to infinity.

“Daughter gives me “and you call yourself my mother?” look”

5) Why-baby-record-booksblogs-are-good?! – Really touching.

“…We rushed to her, Daughter gave me a tearful hug…”


Its hard to have this set in. Tejaswee’s last post was dated 29th of July. Last month, this time around she was out there frolicking, sending her saneful vibes to the desperate world. Though all of us feel catastrophic ever since IHM told us the news, yet we feel assured of her presence in all our lives… and yes, her words will live on too eternally… Rest in Peace little one. We love ya!!! ❤

6 thoughts on “Life they say is a journey towards perfection!

  1. hi sulo, I immensely enjoyed your comments that equalled a seasoned philosopher’s perceptions! Yes, perfection in life is not a secular ‘achievement’ of some kind / level, but the natural culmination of one’s thoughts and aspirations into whatever situation, call it success / infructuous / lacklustre or whatever, but that was the level of ”perfection” intended in the subtle sense! Did Seetha maa find a punishment in her spouse and King Ram’s order exiling her? Was it a failure of her sincerity and devotion to her Lord? Was it not the great culmination of sacrifice of one’s ‘All’ for the only cause of the Lord’s sankalpa, the upholding of Dharma of some kind (here, Raja dharma that did not conflict with the Grihastha dharma of exiling a devoted wife, in the strange nuances that dharma lends to).. Did great Shivaji lose his battles against Muslim autocrats? Did valiant King Desingh devoted to Sri Ranganatha or Rani Lakshmi Bai who lost her battle, end up in futility of their righteous efforts to address their evil enemies? Was not Gandhiji’s murder called a martyrdom? Even so people lose their lives, their goals, their peace and pleasures, in the face of often unmerited adversities, that would suggest play of random factors in secular sense, but nevertheless deemed the culmination of some subtle fulfillment (karmic account balancing, lending to perfection)! Thus my perceptions seemed to go with your eloquent comments about your late young friend, having found fulfillment in her short sojourn in this planet. That you draw inspirations from such events is a good outlook to life! Jai Sai Ram!


  2. Thanks for linking to the post on Tejaswee. She has a special place in our hearts. Not only was she IHM’s daughter but also a lil girl with a big heart that was open for everyone.


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