Can one defy death?

I wonder if it takes death to make us realize the value of our lives, or that of our loved ones.

A blogger I know (IHM) lost her 19-year-old girl to dengue. We keep saying its 21st century, the world is advancing, so much has been developed in the field of science and technology, yada, yada, yet we end up losing a 19-year-old free-spirited, smart, lovely girl like Tj cos of dengue. It really does rip one apart.

This is what her mom wrote when she spoke about her daughter’s demise.

IHM, as we (her blog followers) know her has always been an inspiring, thought-provoking person, who shared her views about the society’s need for high ideals on diverse topics. The above post proves that point beyond words… Until that post, I had no idea that her daughter had a blog too, or that she also shared her mom’s wonderful vibes & thought process. I read Tj’s posts only yesterday, and felt bitter for having missed out an opportunity of meeting yet another lovely person in the virtual world.

This is what the girl had to say about death.

How unfortunate!

As a matter of fact, even I don’t fancy living long. Not that I think I am an intellectual cynic as Tj wrote. That’s just me, and I honestly wouldn’t mind swapping our fates. The sentiment reminds me of Bella’s words in Twilight –

“I have never given much thought as to how I would die, but dying in place of someone I love seems like a good way to go.”

Tj, apparently, never liked Twilight, but still I am sure she would agree with that line. Because that’s the way our heart works. We wouldn’t mind dying if its our life, but if its someone who we love, we would wanna give up ours, so that they may live.

…And she had wanted to adopt a girl later in life — Bah.

What rips my heart even more is the below chart. She has passed away, moved on to the other world, and only now all of us get to know about her/her blog. There has been 12,000 odd hits to her space, and 17 of them are online now reading what she wrote. She would have loved it if she could have seen our love, our concern, and our interest in her life/in her posts. I wonder, if this is how life works: do we all get to realize one’s worth only when they aren’t around us anymore? Can one defy death?!

If only all of us are a little more embracing to the world’s need, and to the need of our loved ones. If only we realize how important it is to express, to forgive, to love and share – right here, and now, because who knows this present moment is all that we might have. Someone we know might never see the light of day again.


I have never known her, but still her demise haunts me. I know there is a reason behind everything in the Karma theory. That’s the only way one can explain her death, or anyone’s as a matter of fact. Perhaps, her soul is heading to the next level, for Mr. God would have seen how wonderfully well His girl had evolved, and may be He wanted her up there with Him. That’s the only way this bitter pill can be swallowed.

Having said that I know there is this other part of me, which wonders how all the terrorists, rapists, gundas, the ones with corrupt and perverted minds, those set of good for nothing people, people who disintegrate and destroy a family, a cult, a region, religion, country get to live longer. Somehow people who in our eyes deserve a much longer life actually pass away earlier than we would like to have them around.

We have a proverb in Tamil that says, “arasan andru kolvan, deivam nindru kollum“. (Meaning: The ruler gives justice then and there, while God waits for things to unfold, and lets His will happen at the time He thinks is right)

So I know that’s how it works, but I have been suggesting Him a little moderation to this theory for a long time now. Not that He is planning to listen, cos I know He knows better, but a heart wants what the heart wants.

Whatever we say – whatever we do – whatever we think won’t make any difference now, would it?

Whatever it is Tj, am sure your family and friends are going to miss you big time, and so will all of us who came to know about you virtually. May your soul rest in peace little sis. I am sure IHM is one proud mother, and you one proud daughter.

Let peace be with you all.

Amen ~ Insha Allah ~ Samastha lokha sukino bhavanthu!!!

5 thoughts on “Can one defy death?

  1. Hi nice kutty. I recollect (verse 92 of) Tagore’s Geethanjali exactly reflecting the senitments graphically put by you, in the context of the death of a friend in virtual world: I know that the day will come when my sight of this earth shall be lost, And life will take its leave in silence, drawing the last curtain over my eyes. Yet stars will watch at night and morning rise as before, And hours heave like sea waves, casting up pleasures and pains. When I think of the end of my moments, the barrier of the moment breaks And I see by the light of death, Thy world with its careless treasures. Rare is its lowliest seat, rare is its meanest of lives. Things I longed for in vain and things that I got – let them pass. Let me but truly possess the things that I ever spurned and overlooked! have a nice day!


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