Mukund Mala: my favourite verse!

To love Him is one’s greatest fortune and bliss, and I am simply enjoying it. Below is one of my favorite verses, which I offer to Him in two moods:

1) Where are you hiding my beloved? What keeps Thee away from me? Or should I say what keeps me away from you? The only loss in the world is when I  lose my hold on Thee. And there in fact are moments when I am so far from Thee.

I can only think of the below verse at that time, because Madhava, fear grips the inner core of my being when I am in the clutches of maya. When I know I have forsaken you. When I know I have gone astray.

How can I ever overcome it, without Thy grace? Help me, heal me, my dear holy one!

2) How much I love being mad about you? How much love it brings when I utter Thy name? I am so in bliss sweetheart, love you!


Over to the wonderful verse written by Kulasekara Azhwar. He was a ruler in the 7th or 8th century, but later he abdicated his throne and began writing verses in praise of the lord. The Tamil word ‘azhwar’ means one who is immersed in the divine.

This is definitely a wonderful read, and I love it.

Shri Vallebeti Varadeti Dhayapareti

Bhaktha priyeti bhavalundana kovideti

Nadheti Nagasayaneti Jagannivase

Thyalapinam pratipatak kurume Mukunda

Oh beloved of Lakshmi, granter of boons! Oh, compassionate one, divine lover of the devotees! Thou art the one with power to stop the repetitive torments of birth and death. Thou art ever protective. The omnipresent one who reclines on adisesh. Bless me, my dear dear Mukunda that I get to sing Thy praises as often as possible.

Mukunda Moorthna pranipathya yache

bhavante mekantha miyantha martham

avismridis thva charanaravindhe

bhave bhave mesthu bhavath prasadath

Lord! I am prostrating myself before Thee and asking this one thing. Please bless me such that I never ever forget you. Whichever name, whichever form, how many ever multitude births, let me not forget Thee lord, and Thy divine lotus feet.

Maabir mandhamano vichintya bahuta yamischiram yadana

Namina prabavanti paparibava swamin nanu sridhara

alasyam vyapaneeya bhakthi sulabham dhyayasva narayanam

lokasya vyasanapanothana karo dhasasya kim nakshamah:

Oh mad monkey mind! Do not be afraid. You continuously engage yourself thinking about death, its aftermath, and all other worldly ills. Would you give a break? All of these so called turbulence, the petty fears, they are baseless, powerless in front of our mighty lord. Give up your laziness, meditate on the supreme force. The one who caters to the whole of world’s need, who runs the entire cosmos, don’t you think He would take care of you – His little devotee?

Thrushna thoye madana bhavano dhootamo harmi male

Dharavarthe thanaya sahaja kraha sanga kulecha

Samsaragye mahati jalatau majjadam nasthridhaman

Padam bhoje varada bhavatho bhakthi navam prayacha

Oh this greed, it envelops you in its deep waters… the lust, it carries you away with its fiery wind to an unknown land … worse even is the delusion that takes hold of you like a mighty wave… Then there are these worldly ties, what to say of them? Spouse. Progeny. Siblings. Everything takes over like a bask of crocodiles. This is very confusing. My oh my! This samsara is surely one mighty ocean to cross. Oh help me dear Parandhama! Offering my obeisance, I ask you this – please bless me with abundant devotion.

Shri natha narayana vasudeva

Shri krishna Bhaktha priya chakrabane!

Shri Padmanabachyutha kaidapare!

Shri rama padmaksha hare murare!

Anantha vaikunta mukunda krishna

Govinda damodara madhaveti

Vaktum samarthopi na vakthi katchit

Aho jananam vyasanapi mukyam.

The azhwar calls the lord in different names in this verse. A spectacle of divine romance is what one witnesses, for in the present day it would sound like – my sweety pie, honey bun, sugar plum, cutie and all that.. I am sure all of us do have our personal way of addressing Him – in different names – at different times. So, I would leave that to your imagination.

Coming back to the verse, after addressing Him such, the azhwar writes, “My! It is really bewildering when one gets to see people who are blessed with immense aptitude… who relate themselves to right sense of timing, sense of purpose and all that… but don’t ever get to think of uttering His name… That which suffuses one with love unimaginable… My! how enticing is the ephemeral world…” ❤

Three cheers to Sir. KA for his ‘Mukunda mala’.

One thought on “Mukund Mala: my favourite verse!

  1. Hi did you say, where are you hiding my Beloved..? It reminds me about how Poet laurette Gurudev R Tagore brooded about the separation (loss of connect with the Beloved) in his own allegorical way, about a century ago:"The rain had held back for days and days my God, in my arid heart. The horizonis fiercely naked – not the thinnest cover of soft cloud,Not the vaguest hint of a distant cool shower.Send Thy angry storm, dark with death, if it is Thy wish,And with lashes of lightning, startle the sky from end to end!But call back, my Lord, call back this pervading silent heat Still and keen and cruel, burning the heart with dire despair!Let the cloud of grace bend low from above,Like the tearful look of the mother on the day of father's wrath" (Geetanjali – verse XL). The world in its own clever ways, weans the most alert mind from thoughts of the Lord, not just under some infatuation with worldly intrests, but in sheer carelss monotony as well. It is best to condemn and bring back the truant mind to its home, the lap of the Divine.. Keep alert and good luck.


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