I will be Thine always…

Where art Thou, my lord? Are you still reclining in Thy holy abode despite seeing your child’s pitiful cry? Gladden my vision with Thy cosmic form, take me away from these worldly ills…

I will be Thine always...

“Punarapi jananam Punarapi Maranam

Punarapi Janani jatare sayanam

Iha samsare bahudustare

Krpaya pare Pahi murare!”

Repeated birth. Repeated death. Repeated resting in mother’s womb. Oh this trans-migratory process, this ocean of samsara is very difficult to cross. It’s very deceiving, and that enticing. Shower Thy grace Holy one. Save me! Dearest Murari…


“Vedha nool Pirayam nooru

manishar tham puguvarelum

padhiyam urangi pogum

ninradhil padinayandu

pedhai balakana dhagum

pini pasi moopu dhunbam

adhalal piravi venden – arangamaanagarulane!”

The scriptures have said that there are 100 years to a human life. It might sound like a lot, but when I enter the human cycle:

  • Half of those years dissolve in the shadows of the night, where I release myself to get embraced by slumber.
  • I don’t get to do much in the other half either, for the first part of it goes in youth, where I loiter in the streets of ignorance and squander the rest with innocence.
  • The remaining phase is enveloped by a rat race, and I run to get my plate of food.
  • Or I lay dormant because of ill health.
  • In the end, the little time that I get to save for myself, I lament some more about the seeming misfortunes of the unreal world.

Huh! How pointless life turns out to be without you, my lord! I ask Thee this one thing – give me not a birth, which makes me succumb to the veils of maya…


“Pachai maamalai pol meni

pavazha vai kamala chengan

achyutha! amarare! ayartham kozhunde!

ennum ichuvai thavira yan poi

indira lokam aalum achuvai

perinum venden, arangamaanagarulane!”

Addressing Thee, tasting Thy beauty, elaborating Thy charisma, a form as mighty as the mountain, the sweet nectarine mouth as precious as the corals, eyes as beautiful as the red lotus. How nectarine is that task.

Calling you as the imperishable one! The everlasting and eternal! That Thou art the beacon of light of the cowherd beauties of dwapara yuga. Recalling Thy wonders. Reminiscing Thy form. Oh, it sure does take one to the realm of bliss. Having tasted the pleasure of being Thy devotee, oh lord, I will not wish to rule the illusory world, or Lord Indra’s heavens. It is Thee that I seek.


“Malargalile pala niram kanden

Thirumalavan vadivam adhil kanden

Malargalile pala maanam kanden

Thirumalavan karunai manam kanden.


Pachai niram avan thirumeni

Pavazha niram avan sevvidhazhe

Manjal Mugam – avan devi mugam

Venmai niram avan thiruvullam.


Nanilam naranan vilyatu

Nayagan peyaril thirupattu

Ayar kula pillai vilayatu

Indha adiyavar kenrum arul koothu.”

In the many flowers that I see around me, in their colours, do you know what I see? I see my sweet lord. In the myriad fragrances, I find His compassionate heart! Those green hues that enliven your senses are His form, those red rhapsodic beauty are His coral like lips.

Oh in those golden array of flowers, do you not see His beloved’s face? Gladden yourself with her image. What to say of the pristine colour white, the symbol of purity? Do you know what these white beauties represent?

My master’s heart ❤ My pure, unsullied one. Oh divine lover! The whole world is His mystical play. So penning down a verse that sings His glory and leela is but a devotee’s greatest bliss!


May we dive more and more in such lyrical beauties. Happy weekend everybody!!!

Uyirinangal onrai onru vazhthidum podhu, adhai ullirindhu vazhthuvadu un arul anro?

[When we wish our fellow beings well, isn’t it Thy grace and Thy love in me that blesses them?]

Oh omniscient one! Let Thy will prevail! Let Thy love rule the world!!!

With eternal love,



5 thoughts on “I will be Thine always…

  1. The longingness to earn His love nd 2 escape this illusory world r very well portrayed. A true devotee of this age needn't struggle to express one's feelings as those poetic lines r universal nd eternal – Elixir for thirsty Shritajanas.. Well done 🙂


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