Never fear trusting an unknown future for a known God!

I – you – my friend – your friend – the multitude families – billions of people across the world – each of us – spend every single day – every single moment of our lives on one basis viz., FAITH. Even when we don’t find any bend in the road, even when nothing goes our way, the flame still flickers with hope. It never extinguishes, for deep inside we believe.

We believe that there is going to be a turn of events: events that would make us laugh out loud, jump in joy, swim in serenity; events that would give us benignly bestowed bliss. To a set of us, it’s the invincible hand of God that works out this magic. That He, the primordial force, would usher us to the womb of assurance. That He, the love supreme, would hug us out of every holocaust that presents itself.

As this sentiment takes over the center stage, a smile soon enough embraces us, overshadowing the feel of uncertainty, and our face beams with confidence. Faith indeed gives rise to a play of emotions, doesn’t it? 🙂 But –

  • Is the investment that easy?
  • Can you have complete faith on something that is so subtle with 100% surety?
  • Can you say with conviction: ‘I am at peace, for my future rests at His will. I am happy to face whatever that would come my way.’

These questions need much forethought because the one that seeks the answer is the ‘inner you’, which means we in no way can dodge it by dogmas of the past.

Except the set of agnostics and atheists, most of us spontaneously seek His higher will to help us. To sub-consciously believe is the basic step, and none of us falter in it, which is a good sign. But our faith undergoes a test in extreme conditions, say a death in the family, career falls, relationship crisis, etc.

To most of us, the bang comes like a thunder bolt, without us having an option to edit or undo things. Since that element adds a main and vibrant color to our life, a doubt creeps inside soon enough, and we turn skeptical.

Again we have two sets of skepticism here:

  • First set of people continue to believe in Him, but they are just hoping against hope. They succumb to feeling if God will ever at all look into their issue. Why is it taking time?
  • There is another set who lose hope over time and give up their belief altogether.

Ergo, we gotta start with the basics. What we tend to forget at such times is: ‘If He had brought us to it, He will take us through it.’ After all, He has created us – the love incarnate – our Divine Mother and Father – if He doesn’t love us, who would?

Living boldly in view of God's promises

Just take a second and look around you – He has given as Mother Nature with all her bounty, take the seasons for a change – the summer, the winter, the autumn and the spring! We all love it, don’t we?

4 seasons

Why go to Nature, we ourselves have been made so wonderfully well. Each of our body parts, so complex in its working, yet seem so seem simple to the naked eye. He knows that we get bored with monotony that He has blessed us with difference all around – the tongue that we speak, the climate, the surroundings – everything is different and appealing. Most of our vacation spots are to Hawaii, Shimla and such… That lets us know how well He had thought of His creation. He wanted to give us the best before we were even born. Would such a God not take us to the shore?

Yes, one can easily not believe in God. However, isn’t it more appealing and sensible to believe that this world could have only been created by a Divine lover (instead of big bang theory and the like)?

To believe that only love can make and sustain this world. That love and God are synonymous terms. That love would, God would never fail us.

He knows only to give and forgive – didn’t Jesus do that? He sacrificed His life for the human race. So did Buddha and Moses – they showed the magnanimity of the Divinity to one and all. The avatars in Hinduism did the same. The lesson that they sent home is patience and complete surrender to the higher will.

Think about it: most of the times we aren’t even sure of ourselves, or our decisions. When we introspect, or try to define a simple question – ‘Who am I?’ – we go nuts. We ourselves are a subjective entity, our mind’s working arena subtle, and the emotions subtler. Isn’t it then ironical when we say, I don’t believe in subtle concepts of faith and Godhood (while our waking hours are reigned by emotions – be it pride, deceit, joy or sorrow)?

Walk by faith, not by sight
So yes. It’s only wise enough to let go off the skepticism and let Him run our lives. When we do meet up with a tremulous situation next time –

  • look at the deep blue sky that witnesses everything from dawn to dusk and still remains serene;
  • look at the blanket of grass that has accepted everything in its totality be it the romantic roses or the barbaric blood-sheds;
  • look at Mother Nature and get all the cues;
  • look at your kith and kin – people who have made a difference in your life and find in them the image of love, the bond of trust;
  • look into yourself – a mystical land with wonders and boundaries yet to be discovered.

Cherish the blessings of the past, treasure the experiences you had learnt, and know that He is going to take care of you, His beloved child. Why let the flame flicker? Let it be steady. He loves you… ❤

Merry Christmas everybody 🙂

9 thoughts on “Never fear trusting an unknown future for a known God!

  1. What a beautiful thought-provoking post!!!!I’m stuck for words….I felt everything u wanted me to feel with ur words….u r so right, complete surrender to His will is the only answer.Thank U for sharing ur thoughts!!!!


  2. @ shilpi: Hi kiddo! Ty for the kind words. 🙂

    I did drop by your blog, but am unable to post my comment. Do let me know once you change your spam checker setting, I will surely visit 🙂

    Best wishes!


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